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2 min readMay 2, 2022

It is becoming clear that in 2022, NFT is entering the mainstream. From every corner we are beginning to hear the combination of these three letters. NFT can make you huge money — literally millions, but in some cases most NFT holders have either small or negative profits. That’s why we decided to analyze user’s NFT portfolios and whether their NFT investments pay off?

The last closed NFT trades of 30 days were taken into account for the analysis. Not all of the user’s trades were considered during analysis, but only those collections that are in the Amoss database.

Analyzing user’s portfolios, we concluded that one of the most successful users held NFT for an average of 14 days, but the same can be said about the two most unsuccessful users.

The average monthly return for all users is 12.2%, and the median number of days between buying and selling NFT is only 1 day. This means that 50% of the trades of our selected users are closed within 24 hours.

The biggest profit from NFTs are at the mint. Users put up x10–100 of the initial value for sale immediately after the mint.

The color of the dots is the yield on the scale, the size of the circle is volume_eth.

According to this table we can observe that only two people managed to keep the yield at 30% with high volume (red dots). There is also a user who was very lucky and managed to earn 90% at 50% ETH volume.

From all of this we can conclude that NFT is not a stable way to earn money and investing a lot of money in it is extremely risky. That’s why we’ve developed Amoss — an AI trained on millions of NFT transactions which understands current NFT prices. Can predict at what price it is best to buy NFT and how much it will increase in the future. With the help of Amoss there will be equal earning opportunities for everyone and a free and fair market.

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The goal of Amoss’ is to make equal earning opportunities for everyone, to keep web 3.0 from centralization and to make the market free and and honest